Thursday, 9 February 2012

Zulu Winter - making of

There were a few times when we questioned "who the F****'s idea was this?." Stood on an exposed highland moor with gail force wind driving shrapnel like hail stones into your face, you tend to doubt the motivation to chose such extreme locations. However we're not called "Cagoule" for nothing and an ability to work in all weathers is what we're proud of. It took true grit and determination from the cast and crew to spend two days on Rannoch moor, in the Scottish highlands, filming the latest Zulu Winter promo. The results however made the effort worth while. Short of traveling to the arctic tundra, you won't find a more dramatic backdrop to film two of the country's leading dancers, skilfully choreographed by Abby Warrilow. The band couldn't comment on the conditions having apparently been frozen under a sheet of solid ice! Front man Will Daunt however escaped the same fate to deliver a bold and enigmatic performance.

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