Sunday, 27 June 2010

Currently in production

Cagoule are currently producing a commercial for a product called "SafeTray." Shot on the canon 7D at 60fps by DOP Mintuu Mantynen. The film features a waiter skillfully negotiating a hazardous and busy bar. Actor and dancer Malcolm Shields was choreographed by Abby Warrilow to overcome the challenges and obstacles such as drunken women and flailing arms. It was a tricky and technical shoot that required precision timing from the performers and camera dept.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Our favourite interactive videos

Why passively watch videos online when you can interact with them. Change the story line, play with colour, play with time!

here is a round up of some of our favourite interactive videos...

this ones a beauty...

Award winning interactive commercial for Philips

from Spy Digital

HBO short drama

remix sound and visuals on the fly..

need a web cam for this one..

this changes everything, to coin a phrase. amazing!